Obtain a state issued ID card for your 

children  to help  protect them - and provide

a safe and convenient way to travel!

Obtain a state-issued ID for your child. In certain areas in Washington State, we reimburse the cost of a state issued Enhanced ID card to parents or guardians of a child after they purchase it from the Washington State Department of Licensing. Currently, vouchers are available for Thurston County or Olympic Peninsula Boys & Girls Clubs members. 

Washington State offers an Enhanced Identification (EID) card, a smart choice for any parent who wants faster United States border crossing, a reliable proof of identity, and identity theft protection for their child. This identity and citizenship document can also be used for air travel within the U.S. While reimbursement is only an option for Washington State residents, all parents are encouraged to obtain an Enhanced ID card for their children where its offered.

In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission received over 1.5 million fraud related complaints, costing consumers over $1.7 billion. These thieves target children - as many as 500,000 each year. Half of those child victims are under six. Children are 51 times more likely to have their identity stolen than adults.

Child ID Theft:

A Growing Problem 

You Can Prevent