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Keeping IDentities Safe for KIDS Program

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Olympic Peninsula

Child Reimbursement Vouchers for Enhanced IDS

Three Important Steps

1. Pick Up KIDS Materials 

Print your voucher or step-by-step flyer or grab one of each from your local Boys & Girls Clubs of Olympic Peninsula. 

2. Obtain a Washington State Issued ID

Find a good time to take your child to the Washington State Department of Licensing office. Make sure you have your child's documents to prove their identity, US citizenship, and state residency. Consult our child ID flyer and the Washington State Department of Licensing for the required documents to obtain a State ID for your child.

Port Angeles Department of Licensing

228 W 1st Street , Suite M

Port Angeles, WA 98362

3. Reimbursement

When the State ID card is issued, parents/guardians need to bring the child, the ID card (or temporary ID pending receipt of the actual card), and the completed voucher to:

Carroll C. Kendall Unit
400 West Fir Street
Sequim, WA 98382

The voucher will be processed for full reimbursement and a check issued to the parent/guardian. Please note that the child must be a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County to be eligible for reimbursement.